DPA’s d:vote™4099D Instrument Microphone and d:dicate™ 2011C Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone deliver high-end sound in durable package.
As one of the audio industry’s most respected and sought-after individuals, legendary Music Producer/Audio Engineer Peter Keppler has reached rock star status in his craft. Keppler has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, ZZ Top, Bonnie Raitt, Katy Perry, Patti Smith, David Byrne and St. Vincent during his illustrious almost 40-year career. Keppler is passionate about what he does and is always looking for the best audio solutions to deliver unrivaled sound quality for his clients’ projects. That is why Keppler recently added DPA Microphones d:vote™ 4099D Instrument Microphones and d:dicate™ 2011C Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphones to his inventory. 

Keppler uses DPA for a variety of applications during live concerts, and recording in the studio. “DPA’s d:dicateTM 2011C is my absolute go-to snare drum microphone,” says Keppler. “It’s the first thing I will use on a snare drum these days. Musicians love to see it because they know it’s an outstanding microphone. Bonnie Raitt’s drummer, Ricky Fatar, was thrilled to see me using DPA mics on his kit. He knew exactly what they were and was very pleased that I was using the d:dicateTM 2011C on his snare drum and timbale, and the d:voteTM 4099D on his toms.” 
Another major benefit of using the d:dicateTM 2011C and d:voteTM 4099D is that “despite the high-end nature of their sound and build, they’re extremely durable microphones,” explains Keppler. “Mics on a drum kit typically take a beating. I was impressed because the DPA mics always come back for more and continue to sound amazing.” 

For the past seven years (and counting), Keppler has mixed FOH for pop star Katy Perry. “We wanted to have minimal appearance of technology on stage with Katy, partly for the aesthetic, and also because we didn’t want hardware on the floor getting in the way of her dancers,” says Keppler. “I decided to experiment with miking every cymbal individually from underneath. We tried a variety of microphones in rehearsals and production rehearsals, and DPA’s d:voteTM 4099D won hands down. We ended up placing a d:voteTM 4099D underneath each of five cymbals and dedicated each to its own channel on the console. I’ve actually started using the same process with other artists because it sounds really good!”

Keppler also used DPA microphones for the recent recording of an upcoming album from Joan Osborne. “One interesting way we used the d:vote™ 4099P Instrument Microphones for Piano on Joan’s album was clipping the mics to the top frame of an upright piano in a stereo pair,” says Keppler. “They were used to record a part where the pianist was playing with one hand and muting the string with the other, and there were no other microphones that picked up the sound the way the d:voteTM 4099Ps did. It was beautiful! We also used the d:voteTM 4099G for acoustic guitar and it sounded great.”
Keppler also used DPA microphones at Carnegie Hall for a concert featuring U2’s Bono and Edge to celebrate Bono’s ONE Campaign’s 10-year anniversary. “The show included a 40-piece orchestra, thirty-voice choir, a full electric band and several guests on stage,” says Keppler. “Carnegie Hall is notoriously reverberant and beautiful sounding room for unamplified music. However, due to the volume of the live band, I needed to reinforce the orchestra, so I miked every orchestral instrument with d:voteTM 4099s. It was amazing! DPA has somehow mastered the art of making a close-miked source not sound like it’s close-miked. There’s still a wonderful space and air around the microphones that may be sitting only an inch or two off their source, without the peaks and harshness you often find in other close-miked situations.” 

In addition to its microphones, Keppler is also complimentary of DPA’s customer service. “Bo Brinck and Leonardo Romero at DPA have both been really great with helping me,” adds Keppler. “When I arrived in the UK with Bonnie Raitt, I had more instances to use DPA mics than I had previously thought. I needed more mics immediately, and they got them to me. They were great with supplying me with everything I needed and answering all my questions. DPA is making a successful move into the more pop and commercial areas of music, which is great! I support anything that makes the world a better sounding place.”


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