LSi Magazine delves into the details of the 2028 handheld vocal mic.
"DPA’s reputation for high quality products is well known, but along with quality and performance
usually comes a high price tag. The new 2028 stage condenser microphone, however, is aimed at
delivering an excellent vocal microphone with the sonic qualities of the company’s flagship d:facto™
4018 series at a lower price point.

(...) This pop filter design worked really well; it’s always a pleasure when you don’t have to compromise on
your high-pass filter setting to avoid any sudden thuds. In addition, the outer grille and inner
windshield can be detached and rinsed. Behind the pop filter is DPA’s ‘Advanced Shock Mount’
system, designed to ensure only the vocal content is captured rather than any handling or stage noise. 

(...)  I was really impressed with how comfortable this microphone was to hold, even with a cable attached. The mic clip that comes with the 2028 is a good, simple design which works well. Even if the microphone is dropped into the clip rather than slid, it doesn’t fight and still manages to be secure.

(...) When considering proximity, this microphone works with both forward and back placements, but
delivers a particularly present result when used really close and tight. It offers a slight shine to the sound without being harsh, and the warmth isn’t overpowering, proving very natural. With this in mind, the significant benefit is the way it minimises crosstalk and bleed from other sources on stage very effectively. This obviously lends itself well for artists using IEMs as well as allowing the FOH engineer to bring the vocal forward in the mix with ease.

(...) A consistent trait in many DPA microphones, which contributes to that “DPA sound”, is their fast transient response. This performance feature on a vocal microphone, I believe, helps in preserving speech intelligibility, which in turn makes sitting the vocal into the mix much simpler."

(Simon Allen, Sound Engineer and Producer)

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