Videomaker brings MMA-A to the field as part of their dedicated review of our mobile audio solution."/>


Videomaker brings MMA-A to the field as part of their dedicated review of our mobile audio solution.
"Over the last few years, we have been slogging through the live streaming world, making our way towards better, more professional streams that aren’t difficult to set up. We started using just a phone and streaming with an app. Because we are Videomaker, we didn't want to leave it at that. A quality stream will have good content, good lighting and good audio. We moved on to using professional lights, professional support for the phone and professional audio.

When we first started, the number of options to better your audio was much more limited than it is today. Although we have moved past streaming with a phone, moving to a multi-camera solution, we know what to look for. Audio quality of the device is one aspect to keep in mind, but you also want to know how portable or usable the form factor is and lastly, how the audio levels are controlled."

That's how Videomaker sets the premise for the challenge that mobile jounalists, podcasters and educators are facing today, as they move on to the actual field testing:

"​We streamed to Facebook Live, YouTube and Instagram Live and also recorded a snap on Snapchat and captured a video with the basic video app. Like we said before, the preamps sound great, and the d:screet 4060 Lavalier mic sounds good, too. The MMA-A app allows you to lock the settings, so that whatever app you are using to record or stream can’t change the audio settings on you. The DPA MMA-A sounds great and has a rugged build."

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