Ever since his graduation from The University of the West of England, Balazs has worked as a freelance sound person for TV and film productions small to big.
His  dedication to recorded sound is rooted in having worked with Simon Clark, Jo Vale, Simon Bishop (in the UK) and Mac Ruth (in Europe).
Balazs is interested in acoustic ecology, immersing himself within the sounds (and noises) homo erectus, animalia and nature produces on Planet Earth.
His hobby is recording (and listening to) acoustic music*.

Career Highlights

His longtime business partner gave him the final push: in 2015 Balazs started production sound mixing for films.
Amongst other things he has been helping to bring Watney home, he saw Benghazi set on fire, he saw replicant K searching through his past, and he has joined the Fremen to hear the rumble of sandworms on Arrakis.

Favourite Mics

Balazs enjoys opting for the extremes** (just because he can), while practicing the rule of using numbers: 0, 4 & 6. So that leaves him with
4060, his all time favourite if he has to go small
4006, if he can go big.
Whatever the situation calls for***
PS: He really wanted to use 4066 once, but the director didn't like the idea of visible mics...

* Or as he puts it: music played with tangible, real instruments
** The sad rule of enlightened sound people: one must accept the fact that there is no "best mic in the world"... merely an ideal one for a situation that one considers numerous aspects of...
*** See: ** (above)

Contact Info

Balazs Varga, Production Sound Mixer
Budapest, Hungary
IMDb Page

Profile Information

Segments: Film
Speaks: English, Hungarian

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