CORE by DPA is a powerful new technology at the heart of our miniature microphones. We’ve minimized distortion across the entire dynamic range. You will experience increased audio clarity and openness.
CORE by DPA is available for select models of DPA's miniature microphones.

CORE by DPA makes our miniature microphones even better.


Introducing CORE by DPA - new technology that minimizes distortion

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When the output of the microphone no longer sounds like the input, we call this distortion. Although all systems and mics add some distortion, well-designed systems and mics exhibit less distortion. By increasing the dynamic range of the mics, CORE by DPA extends the point at which the distortion is measurable. In addition, CORE by DPA lowers the general distortion heard at all levels – from soft to loud. That means a clearer more open sound across the entire microphone range.



CORE by DPA increases the dynamic range of our miniature microphones up to 14 dB depending on the specific type of capsule.

This gives users more flexibility by expanding the range of sounds that can be captured. In most cases, sound engineers prefer a mic with a wide dynamic range because they can use one mic to capture a wider range of sounds and in more applications.
  • Increased dynamic range = Increased workable range
  • Increased dynamic range = Less vulnerable to overload



An increased dynamic range and less general distortion means the sounds you capture come through loud and clear. From a whisper to a scream (Pianissimo to Forte), CORE microphones exhibit increased clarity and increase openness in the sound across all SPLs – from low to high.

Looking for sound close to our original, amazing 4006 in a miniature package? Check out CORE by DPA. We can’t promise quite the same sound, but it is very close.


4099 CORE

Instrument Microphone

With CORE by DPA the 4099 gets an increase of up to 14 dB in both THD and dynamic range.

4099 CORE, Loud SPL
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 131 dB SPL peak
  • Dynamic range: Typ. 108 dB

4099 CORE, Extreme SPL
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 137 dB SPL peak
  • Dynamic range: Typ. 109 dB

See microphone and full specs

4060 Series

Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

With the CORE by DPA the 4060 Series gets up to a 14 dB increase in both THD and dynamic range.

4060 CORE for Normal SPL - 6 dB increase in THD and dynamic range.

•    Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 129 dB SPL peak
•    Dynamic range: Typ. 106 dB

4061 CORE for Loud SPL - 14 dB increase

  • Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 137 dB SPL peak

  • Dynamic range: Typ. 111 dB

4063 CORE for Loud SPL & DC - 12 dB increase

  • Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 135 dB SPL peak

  • Dynamic range: Typ. 109 dB

See microphone and full specs

Headset Microphones with CORE by DPA

Headset Microphones

With the CORE by DPA the 4066, 4088, 4266 and 4288 gets a 14 dB increase in both THD and Dynamic range.

  • Total harmonic distortion: < 1% THD up to 137 dB SPL peak

  • Dynamic range: Typ. 111 dB

See microphones and full specs here:

6000 Series

3 mm CORE Subminiature Microphones

The 6000 Series Subminiatures are born with CORE by DPA technology, which makes them sonically and specifications-wise comparable to the legacy 5 mm (0.20 in) miniature capsules. The 6000 Series microphones have a lower noise floor than any other 3 mm (0.12 in) capsule on the market and they are better able to capture high sound pressure levels without distortion as well.

See microphones and full specs here:


Anyone looking for the BEST achievable sound on the market should choose CORE by DPA as it provides consistency, clarity and amazing speech intelligibility in any application. Three applications where CORE by DPA stands out as a necessity are for film recording, theater and the live music scene.

In the film recording industry, CORE by DPA can potentially save the sound crew a lot of time, effort and money. DPA microphones are known for their ability to withstand expressive acoustical sound pressure levels (SPL) without distortion and now CORE by DPA minimizes distortion even more. With such a large dynamic range, one microphone can be bodyworn on an actor that needs to whisper in one scene and scream in the next.

Similarly, theater applications often also need to capture wildly varying SPLs with one bodyworn microphone. In addition, when there are 30 or more mics on the stage, the clear and open sound of CORE by DPA will brighten the entire sound picture.

In the music industry, every musician, live sound engineer and rental house striving for the best stage mic solution should consider a 4099 with CORE by DPA. This updated version of the 4099 adds more clarity and brings out more details across the entire dynamic range.



The original miniature and headset microphones are both based on the same DPA capsule technology – they have been, and still are, some of the most clear, consistent and robust miniature microphones you can find on the market. The original 4099 is already the recognized standard for this type of microphone and the CORE by DPA version adds just another layer of sound quality that further distances this mic from its competitors. All three of these microphone series have always been known for working across a wide dynamic range as well as exhibiting low distortion across all SPLs.

All CORE by DPA technology microphones are IP58 certified. This durability is achieved through a number of defense mechanisms:
•    Water-repellant nano-coating of the cover and housing
•    Hermetic sealing of the sensitive amplifier at the core of the mic
•    Dual gold plating of the diaphragm

This will allow them to be used in such applications as outfield grass and the turf on pitch and gridiron.




Dynamic range is the range of sound pressure that a microphone can handle. It is measured from the SPL at the noise floor (the mic’s own self-noise) to the SPL at 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). At 1% THD, most people listening will be able to detect a change in sound quality.



4098 CORE

Gooseneck Microphone

CORE by DPA technology has been added to the 4098 microphones, lifting sound quality even more, just like all of the other products using CORE technology. The 4098s dynamic range has been increased by 8 dB, so that the 1% THD is lifted significantly to 133 dB.

See microphones and full specs here:

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