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The DPA Masters Club is a community of highly skilled, actively-working sound engineers, who use DPA Microphones’ solutions in their daily work. These talented enthusiasts are willing to share their passion for DPA microphones with their colleagues and peers in the audio business. In other words: with you!
Through the DPA Masters Club, we seek to strengthen the industry’s understanding of world-class microphones and their correct use. We want everyone in the business (and beyond) to understand the importance of natural reproduction of the sound source.

Our ultimate goal, as a company and in cooperation with our DPA Masters, is to provide you – whether you’re in live sound, recording, theatre or broadcast – with the best possible microphone solutions for your specific assignment. That way, you can also offer the best solutions to your audience.

High quality mics, high quality Masters

In the very same way that we develop and produce the highest-quality microphones, only the best sound engineers within their respective fields can become a DPA Master. And we are proud to have them as part of the community!

Once a sound engineer is welcomed into the DPA Masters Club, he gains access to a range of microphones available from DPA. The Masters are also certified; they participate in training sessions so that they gain the utmost level of product knowledge and understand how best to apply DPA microphone solutions.

Upon request, DPA Masters may be available for local product demonstrations to share their knowledge of and experience with DPA Microphones’ solutions with you.

If you would like to know more or you are interested in additional information about the DPA Masters Club, please contact us on email -

The DPA Masters

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Masters-Club-Albert-Bieber-No099-profile.jpg ALBERT (BEBER) EIFARGON
Chief sound engineer
Language spoken: English, French and Hebrew
Segment: Installation
Country: Israel
masters-club-alex-thiesen-No066-profile.jpg ALEX THEISEN
Recording Engineer
Language spoken: German, English
Segment: Recording / Studio
Country: Germany
Masters-Club-Allen-Williams-No022-Profile.jpg ALLEN WILLIAMS
Boom Operator
Language spoken: English
Segment: Film
Country: USA
Masters-Club-amir-carmel-No078-profile.jpg AMIR CARMEL
Wireless Audio Applications. Engineer/Consultant/RF Coordinator
Language spoken: English, Hebrew
Segment: PA / Rental
Country: Ireland
masters-club-andris-uze-no041-s.jpg ANDRIS UZE
Classical music recording Engineer
Language spoken: Latvian, English, German and Russian
Segment: PA / Rental
Country: Latvia
masters-club-anthony-stephens-No064-profile.jpg ANTHONY "TONE" STEPHENS
Live Engineer
Language spoken: English
Segment: House of Worship
Country: United States
Masters-Club-Antoin-Cox-No079-Profile.jpg ANTOIN COX
Production Sound Mixer
Language spoken: Dutch and English
Segment: Film
Country: Netherlands
Sound engineer
Language spoken: English
Segment: Installation
Country: United Kingdom
master-044-brad-divens-profile.jpg BRAD DIVENS
FOH Engineer/CEO
Language spoken: English
Segment: Recording / Studio
Country: United States of America
Masters-Club-Brian-Poole-No083-profile.jpg BRIAN POOLE
Live Engineer
Language spoken: English
Segment: House of Worship
Country: United States
Masters-Club-Byeong-Joon-Hwang-No005-Profile.jpg BYEONG JOON HWANG
Chief Engineer/ Recording engineer
Language spoken: English and Korean
Segment: Recording / Studio
Country: South Korea
Masters-Club-Carlos-Huertas-No028-Profile.jpg CARLOS HUERTAS
Recording Engineer
Language spoken: Spanish
Segment: Recording / Studio
Country: Colombia
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