Company shows musical applications of mics at Hollywood Sound Systems
Several compact microphones from DPA Microphones were recently showcased in an intimate setting at Hollywood Sound Systems. Featuring 2014 NAACP Image Award-winning R&B artist Lady Ele and her five-piece band, the event showcased the superior sound quality that has become synonymous with microphones from DPA. 

“The crowd was full of theatre and film industry professionals who were unaware of the musical application of microphones from DPA,” says Brett M Grossman, an applications engineer at Hollywood Sound Systems. “Lady Ele and her band showed off various microphones on the different instruments that they typically use. By having the concert in a smaller setting, we were really able to demonstrate the versatility of DPA.”
In all, nine d:dicate™ 2011C Cardioid Microphones, seven d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphones and three d:facto™ Handheld Microphones were used by the band and on its instruments for the  performance. 

“The mics were really fantastic,” adds Grossman. “The band was very late and I was running monitors. With only my pass filters dialed in and almost no time to complete a sound check before loading the house, I put in my reference ears and started listening through the mixes. I was shocked; the mix was clear and very natural, with almost nothing dialed in. I even found that when I reached for an EQ to make a tweak, I needed less of it than I thought I would to get the effect I was looking for. DPA mics have always saved me on strings, but now that we’ve seen them used with an R&B band and all their needs satisfied by DPA’s microphones, I know they can handle any demanding production. Plus, their convenient size makes them easy to place and visually pleasing.”
Grossman’s sentiment was echoed by his colleague Matthew Garrett, audio technician at Hollywood Sound Systems. “The DPA microphones worked incredibly well and provided crisp, clear sound for the show,” says Garrett. “DPA has a very good head on its shoulders and pays attention to the needs of the growing audio industry. After seeing the microphones used in these different ways, I plan to continue to use the DPA brand on future shows. I especially plan to use the d:vote™ 4099 with drums because of its high SPL, sound quality, minimalistic footprint and easy-to-use mounts.”


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