LSI REVIEWS 4466 & 4488

LSI's Simon Allen puts our 4466 & 4488 headset mics to the test and loves what he learns about them in the process...
The LSI review is very thorough and covers all aspects from the capsules to the mounting flexibility of the headset. Therefore, we'll share the conclusion of the review along with a link to the full version in case you would like to get deep into the details of their findings. 

"With the 4466 and 4488 headset microphones sporting the same tried and tested 5mm capsules with rectangular membranes that we’ve seen before, these new models inhibit that well-known sound we’ve all become familiar with from DPA. With a gentle presence soft-boost and fast response, both these microphones offer excellent intelligibility.

The 4466 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone is the most natural-sounding of the two and probably the go-to choice for many. However, for me the 4488 Cardioid Headset Microphone is the standout product here. Not only might this be the most effective directional miniature capsule around, but the ability to significantly reduce ambience and room reflections results in a modern and close sounding dialogue or vocal.

Whilst you might have heard these capsules before, the surprise feature for many will easily be the wire frame. Only seen on the 6066 subminiature headset before, this frame is the result of an established brand redesigning a headset from the ground up.

Based on a ‘simple is best’ approach, this isn’t just a wire frame, but perhaps the first headset that doesn’t leave you wondering if there might be a better solution.

These are two products from a well-renowned brand that come with a tried and tested legacy for withstanding real-world challenges. Couple this with the array of accessories available, and these surely prove to be an excellent investment for freelance videographers through to theatres and AV hire companies.

Potentially, these aren’t just the flagship headset models from DPA, but the new flagship headset models on the market today."

(Simon Allen, Light & Sound International)

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