Resolution Magazine tests the 4466 & 4488 Headset Mics and discovers: 
"The nature of these devices means that this review is as much about the headset as the microphone itself. It's a tricky thing to make something inconspicuous and comfortable to wear, yet secure enough to stay on during a dance number.

4488 and 4466 look delicate at first glance but, believe me, they are seriously robust. Adjusting them — and they are very adjustable — made me nervous to begin with, because it requires more force than I thought the wire frame would withstand. I need not have worried. The boom arm tilts and extends to get the capsule to that crucial position at the corner of the mouth. In fact, you can swap it from side to side if you overcome the fear of breaking something.

The whole unit adjusts thanks to simple sliders at the back to accommodate different head sizes. All this without having to bend anything. A clever cable management device can slide around at the back of the head whilst gripping the cable firmly. I had the headset fitted comfortably and securely in less than a minute. Actually, I wore both models simultaneously to compare their sound. DPA helpfully fits a small mirror inside the carry case, which is Invaluable if you are fitting your own headset. 

(...) One revelation is how similar DPA have managed to make the omni and cardioid versions sound. This is partly achieved by tuning the close-up response of the pressure gradient capsule to allow for the proximity effect. Consequently, the 4488 makes distant — and by that I mean anything more than 10 or so centimetres away — sources sound extremely thin. This in turn can help achieve more gain before pain when put through a live PA.

(...) A self noise of 26dB re. 20 uPa, combined with DPA's CORE technology means that these microphones can reproduce everything from a whisper to an opera singer at full throttle. This, combined with a measly power drain of 1.5mA and the ruggedness the capsules are known for, makes them supremely suited for the musical theatre world."



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