DPA’s d:facto™ Vocal Microphone is helping Teronation deliver stunning performances by ensuring minimal feedback and a natural live sound.
Although classical and acoustic musicians have long appreciated the clear, natural sound delivered by DPA microphones, it may surprise some people to learn that Thrash Metal artists are also getting in on the act.

Swiss band Teronation is the latest Thrash Metal band to discover the benefits of DPA’s high quality sound and is now regularly using the company’s products to amplify lead vocals and percussion.

Curdin Bisaz, head of Bisaz SoundSupport, has been handling tour management and FOH duties for Teronation since the beginning of this year and was responsible for introducing DPA microphones into their live sound arsenal.

Bisaz, who is also Technical Director at Z-Audio, one of two DPA distributors in Switzerland, says: “I’ve been using DPA microphones on tour for some time and have yet to find a sound source or a place that they can’t adequately handle. For Teronation, I used a d:vote™ 4099 Lo Sens Instrument Microphone on rack toms and was stunned by its dynamic range, unobtrusiveness and off axis rejection. As microphone positioning is absolutely crucial to me, I also used a d:voteTM 4099 Lo Sens on snare bottom and it was pure joy to get exactly the sound I wanted at the very precise position I needed it to be. Another 4099 Lo Sens was used on underhead where its full range linearity came into play.”
Originally founded in 2015 by lead guitarist Michael Arnold and lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Siro Giger, Teronation released their debut album, Your Life Your Death, in 2015 and have played in a large variety of locations. On advice from Bisaz they are now using a d:factoTM 4018V Vocal Microphone on lead vocals and are delighted with the sound it delivers.

“There is an overwhelming unison, throughout the band, that the d:facto’s natural response, gain before feedback, off axis rejection and only very subtle proximity effect is unmatched and absolutely paramount,” Bisaz says.  

The flexibility of DPA microphones has also proved useful, as Bisaz explains when describing a recent Teronation gig in Volketswil, near Zürich.
“A couple of minutes before show time, I realized that I had completely forgotten about ambient microphones to use in our live recording. I quickly decided to attach a pair of d:screetTM 4061 Miniature Microphones with a gooseneck adapter to the two loudspeaker stands at each side of the stage, using DPA’s magnet clips for piano. The result was a very transparent, crisp sound, which was a stunningly accurate representation of this gig’s ambiance.”

Bisaz adds that having visited DPA’s factory in Denmark, he is even more impressed by the very complex processes involved in making these high end microphones.

“These uncompromising, state of the art microphones make my job as an FOH engineer easier and more exciting than ever,” he says. “What amazes me most is the relatively small variety of different capsule models that can, when combined with the matching accessories, clips and cables, be used for just about anything, even underwater recording!”


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