Ufuk Önen wrote the first reference book in the field of audio recording and music technologies in Turkish language.

Career highlights

Served as a Vice President of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), responsible for the Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa region (2017-2019).

Collaborated in 200 Turkish, European and North American audio-visual projects; contributed to more than 300 sound reinforcement, cinema sound installation, and electroacoustic projects; published four books, 50 articles, and 250 blog posts; taught 1400 students.


Favorite DPA Microphones

4011 - for critical and transparent recordings.


Contact information

Company: Bilkent University / www.ufukonen.com
Email: ufukonen@ufukonen.com
Country: Turkey


Profile information

Speaks: Turkish, English
Segment: Recording / Studio, Film, Installation

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