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      Unbeatable at capturing extreme sounds

      • Neutral, precise and versatile
      • Linear response up to 40 kHz
      • Unbeatable dynamic range
      • Extreme SPL handling up to 160 dB
      • Recording and measuring reference
      • Modular flexibility

      The 4007 Omni Mic, 12 mm is a true pressure omnidirectional transducer. It has an unbeatable dynamic range of 124 dB from the noise floor to 1% THD and is capable of handling up to 160 dB SPL peak before clipping occurs.

      Due to its total acoustical transparency and ultra-high SPL handling capability, this mic has gained a reputation as being the first choice for picking up drums, percussion and brass instruments, whenever a natural and non-distorted result is paramount for recording applications

      For film applications it is often used to capture the true sound of extreme engines, such as race cars, airplanes and helicopters, which produce extremely loud Sound Pressure Levels (SPLs).

      Due to its linear qualities and perfect omnidirectionality, it is also used as reference microphone for both microphone comparisons and acoustic test equipment.

      Combine it with the preamp of your choice

      As with all of our modular pencil microphones, you can combine the Omni Mic Capsule, 12 mm with any of our preamps.

      The MMP-A Mic Preamp is an ultra-transparent, transformerless preamp with active drive for impedance balancing. The MMP-C Compact Mic Preamp is an ultra-compact preamp with active drive for impedance balancing. It has a slightly softer character than the other preamps for our pencil microphones.

      Other preamps include the very small form factor types MMP-E Modular Active Cable (XLR output) and MMP-G Modular Active Cable (MicroDot output), allowing for very slim set-ups. The MMP-G even allows you to match a larger microphone directly to a wireless transmitter.


      4007A Omni Mic, 12 mm

      This mic provides neutral sonic and visual design with linear response in extended frequency bandwidth. It is a legendary high-SPL recording and calibration classic with natural tone and dynamics. This mic is a phantom powered (P48) close-miking specialist with a linear on-axis response in an extended frequency range from 10 Hz to 40 kHz (±2 dB). It is suitable for a wide range of applications from an A-B stereo pair to close-miking instruments to measurement tasks as well. Due to its linear qualities and perfect omnidirectionality, it is also used as reference microphone in both microphone comparisons and acoustic test equipment.

      4007C Compact Omni Mic, 12 mm

      When a small, lightweight, inconspicuous microphone for top-quality recordings or measurements is required, the compact design and clean, transparent sound of this versatile mic is the perfect choice. This mic provides neutral sonic and visual design with linear response in extended frequency bandwidth.

      At any time, and with no tools needed, it is possible to transform the 4007 Omni Mic into a new configuration.

      A bit about omnis

      An omnidirectional microphone has sensitivity at all angles – in principle picking up sound equally from all directions. This gives you extremely natural and realistic sound compared to a cardioid mic. Omni mics are often used for picking up ambient sounds, as well as miking a large sound source such as a choir in a recording situation. Unfortunately, due to their pickup pattern, omnis can also produce a lot of feedback in live situations.

      Nonetheless, we recommend that you try a DPA omni first because, when used close to the sound source, the equal frequency response makes these mics a flexible addition in your audio toolbox. It will often give a more natural sound, it can handle extremely high sound pressure levels, it does not suffer from proximity effect and is not as sensitive to wind, pop or handling noise.

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      With a dynamic range of up to 124 dB and an impressive 159 dB max. SPL, this mic will ensure you capture all the details.
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