Floor Stand with Modular Active Boom for MMC Capsules (MMP-FJS, MMP-FGS, MMP-FGT)

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      This is a complete, active microphone floor stand solution in the modular Gooseneck Microphone Series. The floor stand has an exclusive, elegant design with a black non-reflective surface.

      The surface is specially made to handle the, from time to time, rough life in TV-studios, OB-vans and on stage in theaters and concert halls.

      The DUA0250 Floor Base has an integrated shock-mounting solution; the thread screw holds the Stand Extension and Active Boom Pole. This unique design allows for a long stage microphone boom pole that does not swing and rapidly stabilizes itself after being positioned.

      You can combine the MMP-FGT Floor Stand with any of the modular capsules from the Pencil series. The complete stand is also available with as the Gooseneck Floor Stand Microphone.

      Order numbers: MMP-FGS, MMP-FJS.

      Fits with these microphones


      2006 Twin Diaphragm Omni Mic

      Two opposite-facing miniature omni capsules are custom rebuilt inside this microphone. They are placed into a double-diaphragm, one-capsule composition. This microphone bridges the gap between the extreme sound quality of our d:dicate™ series and our well-known miniatures – the d:screet™ and d:fine™ series.

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      4006 Omni Mic

      This highly sought after mic has forged its enviable reputation over the past quarter of a century by repeatedly exhibiting its total transparency in any recording situation. It picks up incredible detail and depth of sound.

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      2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Mic

      Two opposite-facing miniature cardioid capsules placed into a double-diaphragm, one-capsule composition. With its large diaphragm sound combined with the benefits of a miniature size, this mic solution provides you with extreme sound quality in a smaller package.

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      Gooseneck Mics

      When high speech intelligibility is paramount, d:sign™ Gooseneck solutions are ideal. From parliaments to conference centers, boardrooms to video conference rooms, DPA mics gives you trouble-free installations and delivers pristine, clear sound.

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      4018 Supercardioid Tabletop Mic

      With a length of only 5 cm (2 in), the d:sign™ 4018 Supercardioid Tabletop Microphone has a highly-directional supercardioid pickup pattern with a smooth and uniform off-axis frequency response. The supercardioid shape is frequency independent, securing an identical sound color around the microphone.

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