MAGNET MOUNT FOR d:screet™ 4080 (DMM0016)

Product Details

MSRP $43.00 excl. local VAT
Product ID DMM0016
The DMM0016 Magnet Mount for 4080 is a small holder with minimal visual appearance. Used to mount a d:screet™ 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone on a speaker. When mounting on thin fabric, the mount offers safe and stable use of microphone.

The DMM0016 Magnet Mount is supplied with a small iron tag on an elastic necklace for placement inside the clothing behind the magnet.

The rubber shock mount on the d:screet™ 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone, Lavalier can easily be dismounted from its enclosed standard clip (DMM0014) and attached to the fixation ball on the DMM0016 Magnet Mount. This unique fixation design allows the microphone to quickly be turned to point in the direction of the speaker’s mouth.


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