Microphone Grid for 6060/6061/6066 (DUA9301-B, DUA9301-F)

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      A durable protective  cap for the subminiature lavalier and headset microphones. It can easily be removed for cleaning. A tactile and audible "click" ensures that the cap has been secured properly to the microphone housing. The grid resembles the well-known DPA logo and the tiny grid holes help protect the microphone capsule from water and sweat. 

      Fits with these microphones


      6066 Headset Subminiature Mic

      A 3 mm (0.12 in) capsule mounted on our most unique and flexible headset. This solution combines the need for exceptional audio with a secure, comfortable all-day professional headset solution. This is an ideal solution for theatre, broadcast and conference / event use.

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