Subminiature Mesh for Lavalier Microphone (DUA9103)

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      Subminiature Mesh for use with 6000 Series Subminiature Microphones used as lavaliers. Reduces slight wind noise from a speaker's voice or any other turbulence, as e.g., breathing noise from mouth and nose. 

      For use on a speaker’s chest as lavalier in e.g., Broadcast ENG situations. 

      Despite its small footprint of only 6.6 mm in diameter, the mesh gives a 20 dB reduction of the wind noise and it clicks easily onto the 6060 lavalier mic where it replaces the regular cap supplied with the subminiature mic. 

      The mesh has an exclusive matte PVD coating that makes the solution durable and scratch resistant.

      Diameter:            6.6 mm 
      Height:                12.1 mm 


      Fits with these microphones


      6060 Series Subminiature Lavalier

      Just 3 mm (0.12 in) and available in a normal and a loud SPL version, the 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Lavalier mics pack the audio power of our larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability – three qualities that really matter. By shrinking CORE by DPA technology, we ensure you don't have to compromise on sound to focus on aesthetics.

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