Acoustic Guitar Magazine takes a closer look at DPA 4099.

"I tested a version designed to work best with acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro, and ukulele. According to DPA, the new mic was designed to improve clarity, openness, and consistency over its predecessor (reviewed in the August 2009 issue of AG). With already high gain before feedback, the goal was to offer a more natural-sounding alternative to onboard pickups—or a complement to a guitar’s electronics system. Of course, the mic can also be used for recording. And because it clamps onto the guitar, you could use it in addition to stand-mounted mics without getting in the way of them."

"You don’t need any tools to mount or move the mic—a major plus in live situations. I tried three or four different spots on both the bass and treble sides of the guitar and was sure I’d bump the mic while I was playing. But I never touched it—not even when strumming vigorously. "


"The DPA 4099 CORE instrument microphone is player-friendly, sonically flexible, and way less of a hassle to use than you might expect from an instrument-mounted mic. It’s not exactly instant gratification, but once you’ve found the sweet spots for your instruments, the DPA 4099 offers an elegant, high-fidelity alternative to pickups and stage mics."

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