Church Production Magazine's Loren Alldrin takes 2028 onstage for a test.
"The working conditions of a handheld mic involve bumps and other challenges, and the 2028 handles these with grace. Handling noise on the 2028 is among the quietest of any mic I've ever tested. Rolling it in your hand, even tapping it hard with your fingertips results in almost no sound whatsoever. Blasts of air (plosives) are another offense that the 2028 essentially ignores. I couldn't get a thump out of the mic even with strong "P" plosives blasted right into it. Again, the 2028 is as unflappable with plosives as any mic I've ever tested.

We choose and use mics based on sound, and the
2028 doesn't disappoint. The 2028 has a clear, open, natural sound. At four inches (outside the proximity effect range), its response is essentially flat—like a studio condenser mic. Vocals at this distance are articulate but not harsh, requiring little or no EQ to cut through a mix.

(...) Lo and behold—this is not just a vocal mic. Other than bass instruments, the
2028 sounded great on everything I put it in front of. Just one example: it bested an expensive small-diaphragm studio condenser on acoustic guitar and percussion. Beyond that, you could expect great results from the 2028 on choir, strings, snare, drum overhead, brass, winds, even electric guitar amps. Move it around the stage and use it on almost anything—it very well may sound better than the mic you were using.

(...) The DPA
2028 has pedigree and sound quality of a studio condenser mic in a stage vocal mic package. It checks all the boxes: fantastic sound, versatility, excellent feedback rejection, uncolored off-axis response, high max SPL, quiet handling noise/plosives, high-quality feel. I usually have at least one concern with every product I test, but not this time. I'm not even going to gripe about the DPA 2028's $700 street price, because the quality and versatility of this mic justify the cost of admission. This is truly an exceptional microphone."

(Loren Alldrin, Church Production)

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