The TEC Awards will be handed out for the 34th time at the annual NAMM Show in January 2019. And we're very excited to have received a nomination for our CORE technology.
To the professional audio industry, this award is the equivalent to an Oscar for the actor or a Grammy for musicians and producers. Also, the nomination has been given by a panel of highly experienced audio professionals and the votes to find the winners in the end will be cast by members of professional organizations and audio industry media. In other words, a highly qualified crowd. So, please wish us luck!

But what is the background of these prestigious Awards? Well, the abbreviation stands for Technical Excellence & Creativity. We like to think that, obviously, the technical part is our home turf, but that doesn't mean we're not being creative in the process, too.

Of course, the creativity is also a link to the actual users. The skilled and passionate people who put our mics into good use every day of the year in an effort to create great music, theatrical performances, broadcast content and much more. 

That is also why we're particularly excited that the CORE technology has been nominated and not 'just' a particular microphone, since CORE will help minimizing distortion, expanding the dynamic range and simply make all 'CORE-enabled' mics sounds better regardless of whether the source is a guitar, a snare drum, a speaker, a singer, leaves rattling in the wind or something completely different.

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