CX Magazine's Ivan Ordenes takes d:facto™ out for a spin in the real world.
"What impresses me most is that the mic has an almost mystical ability to supress unwanted noise or reflections in favour of the direct sound coming from a good singer. The capsule seems to have the ability to ignore quieter or reflected sound from other sources, which I believe is a characteristic of DPA’s miniature membrane technology. I think that’s the key, as the 4018 is a great quality condenser microphone that performs live as well as, if not better than, a dynamic mic in terms of feedback rejection. 

(...) The lack of handling noise in the 4018 is amazing, especially when you consider that the 4018 capsule is designed to be fitted on a range of handheld transmitters. That’s like making racing tyres for different sports cars – if the vehicle doesn’t handle right, what’s the point of expensive tyres? DPA has manufactured a capsule that does not transmit handling noise from the transmitter. I can’t perceive it, and I’ve mixed plenty of performers wearing rings and other jewellery, including Jess. In front of the massive Fire Fight PA, I didn’t hear a thing.

(...) Out on the road, all of my DPA products have proven quite rugged, even the 4099s with their delicate gooseneck and fine cables. The DPA MicroDot connectors are very rugged. All of the
d:facto™ capsules are very well built, and you can feel the difference in weight from other manufacturers capsules. DPA’s manufacturing standards are high, and their products last.


In cooking, when you use the same spice on your dishes for years and you suddenly change to a different type of salt, people notice immediately. d:facto™ 4018 is a solid capsule and an incredible product. I find DPA have a humane and artistic approach to all of their work, in R&D, design, and business in general. Their refined approach translates exactly to the results you get from using their microphones on stage."

(Ivan Ordenes, CX)

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