As a long-standing user of the d:vote™ 4099s and d:dicate™ 2011Cs, I was excited to try the new d:vote™ CORE version. By James Dunkley, live engineer."/>


Photo : Satyricon European Tour

As a long-standing user of the d:vote™ 4099s and d:dicate™ 2011Cs, I was excited to try the new d:vote™ CORE version.
By James Dunkley, live engineer & DPA Master

As I mainly work with rock and metal artists, I primarily use my DPA mics on drums with 2011Cs as overheads and snare top and 4099’s on all toms and snare bottom. This configuration has consistently given me a clear, hi fidelity, drum sound with significantly less need to EQ than with other drum mics, whilst being unobtrusive to the eye. I try my hardest to keep stands and other unnecessary objects out of view so the audience can see the musician and their instrument. Apart from the obvious sonic characteristics, this has always been a part of my attraction to DPA mics.

I’m loving these new CORE mics!

I’ve just completed the second European tour on Satyricon's current album cycles and I’m about to leave with Seether, supporting Nickleback. Both drum kits are mainly miked with the d:vote™ series and it was very interesting to try out the new CORE versions. I spent the last week of the Satyricon tour moving them around the drum kit and trying different positions.
Initially I miked the two floor toms and then I tried two on the racks and then rack and snare bottom. I wasn’t initially expecting to notice a tremendous difference from my existing 4099s as drums, being transient, are fairly fleeting.
Once I had the mics up in the PA, I had the usual uncolored sound of DPA mics. More specifically, I could hear the drum how it was intended to sound rather than with any low-end hyping or top-end boost. However, the CORE mics seemed to bring something else. When my drummer was playing build ups on the toms the quieter initial hits were still present, strong and loud but when he hit the crescendo there was still clarity without distortion on the louder passages.
I’m loving these new CORE mics!

About James Dunkley

James Dunkley is a live engineer and DPA Masters Club member. He has been working with live sound for around 17 years and is mainly involved with mixing rock and metal bands, included Iced Earth, Anthrax, Amon Amarth, The Used, Ghost, Devin Townsend, Black Label Society, Soil, American Headcharge, Annihilator, Prong, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Crowbar and Matt Goss along with my current and main bands, Satyricon, Hellyeah and Seether. Learn more


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