The 4066 Omnidirectional Headset and 4099 Instrument Mics Deliver High-Quality Sound and Unrivaled Noise Rejection.
Breakout Audio Visual owner Kurt Dommers has revamped the microphone system at Southwest High School’s Jimmy Cannon Theater for the Performing Arts with a solution that’s easy for students to use, but also delivers crystal clear sound to the audience. To find the versatility and pristine sound quality worthy of the state-of-the-art, 1,150-seat facility, Dommers turned to DPA Microphones and its line of advanced audio solutions. Dommers replaced the previous microphone package with DPA’s 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphones for the performers and 4099 Instrument Microphones for the chorus, orchestra and area mics.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was the first production Southwest High School put on with the new mics, and the difference between that and previous productions was substantial,” says Dommers. “We knew that the DPA mics would add versatility, but we didn’t expect such a significant improvement in noise rejection. In addition, we had so much extra headroom that EQing to gain volume before feedback was not nearly as challenging. Thanks to the DPA mics, we now have warmer tones all the way to the last row.”
Since employing DPA mics, Dommers has received a lot of positive feedback regarding the huge improvement in sound quality. “We have become more educated on the differences and uses of the mics, thanks to DPA’s wonderful support team,” he adds. “We had some issues with our old mics, and the DPA team was able to walk us through these challenges. Also, the sound quality and noise rejection capabilities of the DPA mics exceeded our expectations. We even tried some comparisons: the DPA mics sounded clearer at -20 than other industry standard mics sounded at -6 with all of the other settings constant.”
Another reason Dommers chose to use DPA mics is for their ease of application and modularity of the components. Since much of the sound control is in the hands of the students, it was essential to use equipment that could achieve great sound quickly and with a minimal learning curve.
“Learning new skills, especially in the high school environment, ismuch more effective  when the instructors have good tools to work with,” says Dommers. “In this case, the DPA mics are exceptional. Many might say that previous productions were riddled with devastating audio glitches, and much of those problems were related either directly or indirectly to the lack of headroom prior to upgrading to DPA. With DPA microphones, the productions sound incredible. Even the students have noticed a difference in the clarity and performance. Lead Professional Guest Consultant and Director, Dimiter Marinov, was overwhelmed with the upgrade that took the production from amatuer level to professional. This improvement would not have been possible without the dedication of Southwest High School Theater Director, Chris Spanos, who really went to bat for his students and community. Everyone seems to be really pleased with the new mics.”
Since implementation of the 4099 mics at Southwest High School, DPA has released a new, upgraded instrument microphone, the 4099 CORE Instrument Microphone. The CORE by DPA amplifier is a powerful new technology that brings more clarity and details to music across the entire dynamic range.


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