Team of Audio Engineers Rely on DPA Mics to Deliver Durability and Superior Sound Quality Out on the Road
LOS ANGELES – Sebastián Yatra’s well-known audio team, comprised of FOH Engineers Will Madera and John Buitrago and Monitor Engineer Andrés Guerrero Ruiz, require reliable and durable mic solutions that will keep audiences’ hips shaking. To capture dynamic sound from the percussion instruments used for Yatra’s performances, the trio turns to DPA Microphones’ 4099 CORE Instrument Microphone and 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid Microphone while touring.

“It’s usually quite difficult to get clear sound from percussion but, with the 4099 Instrument Mic that problem is solved,” explains Madera. “It has a very responsive and natural sound, which is a significant benefit when it comes to live performances. The 2011 cardioid mic also helps a great deal as its directional qualities ensure that the only sounds it picks up are the ones I intend it to, without any bleed from surrounding instruments. DPA mics are top-notch—the clarity is unbeatable and there is way less distortion.”
For Ruiz, one of the biggest standout features is that DPA mics allow him to send his mix to musicians with the confidence that he’s providing the best sound quality possible. “Sebastián wants to feel like he’s in the middle of the venue, partying with his audience and I achieve this for him by placing a 2011 at each side of the stage” he explains. “We searched high and low for a microphone with this capability. DPA was the only solution that made Sebastián feel like he was inside of the crowd—it’s really amazing.”
With 15 years of experience mixing live shows, Madera recognizes the importance of having rugged and reliable, small-profile microphone solutions that don’t compromise on sound quality. “I definitely appreciate the compact size of the microphones when we’re out on the road—while small in size, they capture a big sound,” he says. “I’m also always impressed by the durability of DPAs. I bring approximately 20 microphones—a combination of the 4099s and 2011s—on each tour and I’ve only ever had to repair one in the three years I’ve been using DPA in extreme touring conditions.”
Like Madera, Ruiz also appreciates the small stature of DPA microphones. “One of my favorite things about working with DPAs is their elegant and discreet appearance,” he adds. “The drum set always looks clean and sounds amazing—I can hear every detail. It’s obvious to me that DPA has the best audio quality. Also, since these mics capture accurate sound from the instrument, I don’t have to do as much EQ’ing, which extremely helpful during a live performance.”

The first time Buitrago heard a 4099 Instrument Microphone was on a violin when he mixed a symphony concert. “I was absolutely blown away and so happy to find a microphone true to the source that does not alter the natural sound of the instrument,” he says. “With DPA Microphones, I finally found what I’d been looking for all along. The microphones provide a pristine sound without having to adjust the EQ. On tour with Sebastián Yatra, these mics made the drums sound great without fighting the structure of them (which is most important). My kit of DPA mics is now the first thing I pack for a tour...after my clothes!”
For Madera, the first introduction to DPA Microphones was in a studio setting. “I had heard about the brand before, but I didn’t believe the hype until one of my colleagues brought them to a recording session,” he explains. “He introduced me to the 4099 and 2011, as well as the company’s renowned d:facto™ 4018 VL capsule, and I was hooked right away. I couldn’t believe how clear they sounded. "DPA is just one of those microphone brands that you use for everything."



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