Gearslutz hands out 5 out of 5 stars to d:screet™ CORE 6060 on all of the four parameters they use to evaluate new gear. We're stoked as well as honoured!
In fact, this review is a little unusual in the sense that the d:screet™ CORE 6060 was born as a bodyworn mic, but reviewed as a studio microphone, capturing a range of instruments in a recording situation. And we actually love when people experiment with mics - whether it's about how to position them or using mics that were meant for different applications. 

The bottom line is that Gearslutz found the subminiature lavalier mic did a great job on acoustic instruments, as well as on amps used for electric guitar. They even uploaded 10 audio examples that demonstrates just how you may want to consider a couple of d:screet™ CORE 6060 mics for your portable music recording setup - or as permanent pieces of gear in your studio for that matter.

Gearslutz Score:
Sound Quality: 5/5 For this type of microphone (or any other) the sound quality is exceptional and class-leading. Amongst the best I've used or reviewed.

Features: 5/5 Whilst the mic is straightforward DPA's huge range of accessories opens up the 6060 to a range of roles – wired and wireless.

Ease of Use: 5/5 In the context of studio use there is some adaptation and learning needed. Body-worn, EQ is needed to compensate but for more direct mic'ing duties this is less of an issue.

Bang-for-Buck: 5/5 If you need a smaller mic for portability or studio space-saving, then the 6060 represents good value given it's design, quality and DPA's excellent and time-proven reputation. You will need to budget for a microdot-to-XLR (or other) connector.

Read the full review and listen to the audio examples here...


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