Headliner Magazine's reviewer brought along 4055 on a couple of live sound gigs for some real-world kick mic testing.
"With my options open, it gave me a chance to employ the 4055 from the get-go at the sound hole, and get the monitor engineer’s opinion as we progressively moved it inside the kick, as well as focusing it in the direction of the beater. 

What struck me the most was how little EQ I had to use. Bearing in mind how many other mics aimed at kick duty are ‘optimised’ in some way to better suit their use as a kick drum mic, I can often find myself using more EQ to get more weight and attack out of the kick, and so it still sounds like a real drum.

What I found with the 4055 was, not only did I find it easier to work with from a convenience perspective, but it was also easier to tell from how hard the player struck, both where to place the mic within the drum for the best result, and just how effective a little EQ and compression could be in bringing a great drum sound to life.

(...) Unsurprisingly, two weeks after the first outing I had with the 4055, I found myself on another festival stage, this time on monitor duty. I mentioned to the FOH engineer and company owner of MTA, Mali Turner, that I was carrying a bunch of DPAs including the new 4055, which he expressed an interest in trying. After two days of use he described it as “simply superb”. Again, it was the only kick drum mic he used all weekend.

(...) I’m about to go into rehearsals with my own band and I’ll be taking the opportunity to shoot some video and record our drummer using the 4055 and other DPA mics. It’ll also give us the ability to demo some new ideas as they surface. Definitely don’t want to give this one back…"

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