Mixdown Magazine's Fergus Nash takes the DPA 2028 handheld mic out for a spin.
"Plugging the 2028 into first into a humble two-channel portable mixer, I sought to understand how it performs in a loudspeaker environment. With nothing but a high-pass filter and some bass rolled off, I was immediately serenaded. The sound was the perfect blend of smooth, warm, yet still crisp and defined. The large dynamic range toted as 117dB presents as a wonderfully loud signal, meaning that you won’t have to pump the gain to get those quiet singers up to level. The resistance to feedback too, was thoroughly impressive.

(...) Overall, the untreated sound was the perfect blend of warm and crisp. Even under compression the sibilance was controlled and clean, with plenty of consonant definition. The bass response was perfect for capturing the lows of a baritone singer and would surely give the much-needed oomph for higher registers."

(Fergus Nash, Mixdown Magazine)

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