To overlook this mic because of its little size would be a big mistake.
"The size is small. The sound is not. The 4097 holds its own when compared to much larger and more expensive shotgun microphones.

(...) One obvious use of the 4097 is as a "plant" mic for additional coverage on set. Thanks to its small size. it can be easily hidden from camera view. Its black matte finish avoids any glare being picked up by the camera. Quiet moments are captured with clarity thanks to its low self-noise, while on the other end of the spectrum, in those moments of extreme SPL, this microphone can take up to 135dB without distorting.

It also boasts a nice flat. wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The super-cardioid polar pattern helps focus the sound source and reject unwanted noise. At four feet from a tone source, I measured a drop of 15dB from 0 degrees to 90 degrees off center. And any sounds coming from directly behind the mic were rejected almost entirely.

(...) Recording voices is where the 4097 really shines. I set it up approximately five feet from the actors for a shot that was a bit too wide for a boom. The audio was clean, without any obvious reflections from the set, and the audio sounded as full as what an overhead boom could have delivered.

In comparing it to other often-used and larger shotgun mics. the DPA 4097 Was very true to the source. It did not color the audio in the ways that the other shotguns did. I actually preferred the 4097's natural reproduction of the voice.

(...) With the release of the 4097. DPA not only continues to live up to its reputation as a manufacturer of quality microphones for the post world, but has also given us a very unique sound tool to add to our sonic arsenal. After all, it doesn't take up much space, so it's easy to find a place for it in the mic locker. To overlook this mic because of its little size would be a big mistake."

(Rick Alien, Post Magazine)

Rick Alien is an instructor of post production audio at the Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences in Phoenix, AZ. His audio work has been heard on ABC, CBS, NBC, Cartoon Network, Hulu, Netflix, AMC, CNN, Discovery Network, Sony Pictures, and HBO to name a few. 

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