Ivy Hall is a studio on the outskirts of Nashville with a unique story. Studio Manager/House Engineer Eric Loomis splits his time between tracking bands in this historic location, as well as touring as a live Front Of House engineer.
Recording Magazine's Paul Vnuk Jr. caught Ivy Hall Studio's Eric Loomis for a chat about pro audio in general and microphones in particular. 

"From all my years of live sound and recording, I like to use the DPA d:facto™ handheld condenser microphone. It uses their 4018VL capsule, and I have put that up against every other large-diaphragm condenser I have and it holds its own. It’s insanely good. The thing is that there are all these nuances and subtitles between various large-diaphragm condenser mics... people will talk about them for days on end and they all sound different, but this one mic is a great starting point and covers a lot of ground, both live and in the studio. That’s the thing about starting with good clean mics. They teach you to be a better engineer."

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(...) "The best explanation I can give is using a them on a drum kit. DPA mics don’t have off-axis coloration, so if you put a d:vote™ 4099 on a snare drum and on toms, your bleed is not ‘bad’, it’s just bleed. The way your snare sounds from the direct mic is the same tone you get from the bleed of the snare in the rack tom mic. Essentially it’s the same color from every angle. So instead of using a plug-in to get rid of bleed and put a bandage on the process, if you use DPA, in my opinion you shouldn’t have a bleed problem."

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