RED SHARK REVIEWS d:screet™ 6060

"Even in an environment with a lot of background noise, the voice of the person wearing the 6060 was still quite intelligible."
"When used on the forehead or as a replacement for a studio microphone, the captured sound was incredibly brilliant, not harsh, not muffled but clear and transparent, with detailed lows and undistorted highs even close at clipping volume.

One thing that I listened to very carefully is how the 6060 captured my sibilants because in some news studios there seems to be a trend to place a lavalier in a location that makes de-essing in post no longer necessary. The downside, however, is that most sibilants go missing entirely with the intelligibility often going down the drain – what the mic can’t capture, can’t be recovered later.

Even in the muffled position, the DPA still recorded some sibilance – enough to keep the intelligibility intact."

(Erik Vlietinck, Red Shark)

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