This is the tiniest shotgun mic you'll ever see...
Redshark takes a close look (and listen) at our 4097 Micro Shotgun mic. Both for film applications and as part of the 4097 Interview Kit

"It works nicely mated directly to the top of a transmitter via its microdot connector. There’s a short gooseneck on the bottom of the mic itself which handily allows it to be aimed in a suitable direction in this sort of setup, and it’s possible to imagine it being perched in the corner of a tiny location and doing a solid job while staying out of view.

The 4097 will also work nicely as a super-portable route to a more conventional setup, and it’s sold in a configuration called the Interview Kit with a suitable boom, Manfrotto’s “compact xtreme” collapsible pole. While full size shotgun mics aren’t necessarily that much of a problem to backpack around, the standard Rycote windjammer is a bulky accessory. By comparison, the furry cover for the 4097 is barely the size of a chicken’s egg, including fur factor.

(...) Quite often, with normal designs, when sounds go off-axis, they start sounding bandwidth-limited and distant, as well as quieter. That effect isn’t entirely absent on the 4097, but it’s reduced; things off axis sound quieter but not so different in quality to the on-axis sound as we might expect, which is nice."

(Phil Rhodes, Redshark)

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