Sound & Picture tests our d:screet™ CORE 6060 mics and discovers very low self noise, very high SPL handling and a frequency bump of the right amount in the right place.
"With a diameter of just 3mm (about the same as the tiny Countryman B6, and 25% smaller than the 4mm Sanken COS-11; both highly regarded standards), the DPA d:screet™ CORE 6060 Subminiature Microphone is about half the size of DPA’s other miniature lav microphones, and often small enough to hide behind a shirt button. It even has an IP58 waterproof rating, approved for use in fresh water in depths up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

(...) Recording dramatic dialog has two primary challenges. 1) Dialog is often very, very quiet. 2) Dialog is often very, very LOUD. Therefore, it is important for dialog microphones to have very low self noise, with an output level that allows recording whispers at full level, while also being able to handle the high sound pressures of screams without clipping. With DPA’s new CORE technology, these lavaliers deliver that balance in unprecedented fashion.

(...) Very low self noise, very high SPL handling, a frequency bump of the right amount in the right place, DPA’s history of durability, and as small or smaller than any alternative… The only thing in its way is the price. But that’s usually the case with what becomes the next industry standard."

(Glen Trew, Sound & Picture Magazine)

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