I have been in the church production world for nearly 17 years.

 I grew up helping out sound engineers at various local churches just to get more experience and then went to school for communications. While in school, I worked in a union friendly theatre on various touring performances including broadway tours of Mame, and Cats. I have also worked in many different types of venues for festivals, local stage productions and church services.

While in College, I actually became the go to engineer for the campus and worked full time for the university I attended while attending five to six classes per semester. After some time in this field, I became increasingly interested in the installation aspect of sound re-enforcement and began working with an installation company that designed new systems for all different types of venues but primarily churches. After receiving my degree, I knew that I had been called into the ministry in some form and began to look for churches that I would be able to make a living at in my specific area. After some time and finding the right church I have settled at St. Johns Lutheran where I am currently the Media Specialist.

My responsibilities include the development of sound for 3 weekly services, along with all lighting for these services and media . My job also allows me to manage the training and scheduling of nearly fifteen volunteers. Recently our new facility which opened last August received a Solomon Award which is a national award in the in world of Church Production. I am very happy and blessed to be able to do what I love in the world of church production and design. 

Career Highlights

Ability to work in a church atmosphere every day of my life, and be able to serve in a ministry that I can fully connect to. This is the greatest accomplishment that I could ask for. I have worked with Broadway touring companies of Mame, and the Cats world tour. I have worked with artists such as Cloverton, Future of Forestry, Nicole Nordeman, Need to Breathe, Charlie Daniels Band, and countless others. I have also had the pleasure of working the corporate production world and working shows for Celebrities such as James Taylor, Michelle Obama, John Goodman and numerous CEOs of large corporations (Bank of America, Chiquita, Dole, San Antonio Spurs, etc...)

Recently my team and I were awarded a Solomon Award (2016) which is a National Award for Church Production. We won the category of Best New Construction 1-300 seats. I have also received Sony Master Certification, Apple Product Certification, and Microsoft Professional Certification.

Favorite DPA Microphones

I use a variety of DPA mics across our campus and have been impressed with all of them. My absolute favorite is when I transitioned our Senior Pastor's mic from a Countryman headset to the DPA d:fine™ FIO 66 unit. We were trying to get more clarity out of an aging system in a sanctuary built in 1927. The ceiling are nearly 50 feet high and the room is not acoustically treated at all. The natural delta in the room is roughly 2.4 seconds. The Senior Pastor speaks from an elevated pulpit and several people were complaining about the lack of clarity in his voice. Literally the Sunday we switched his mic over to the FIO 66 we noticed a world of difference.

Contact information

Taylor Hutchins
Media Specialist

St. Johns Lutheran Church
Salisbury, United States


Profile information

Segments: House of Worship

Speaks: English

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